A Message from M. Ekhlaque Ahmed, President GEAR

While GEAR will complete near 4 years end 2012 (Feb. 2013 to be exact), we ponder, if the enthusiasm and force behind the drive (coming from the youth of this nation) will give some new words to English dictionary. SelfEmployment & SelfReliance, as FB (facebook/social media) picks these words and brings one to the GEAR automatically. These keys have become synonymous to GEAR and the big impactful Cause it moves forward. What a wonderful feeling we all have as we see the small 4 cases, 40k Rupees, Sewing driven SelfEmployment created Social profit impact grow into 8.5 million Turning Over, 365 families (3750 individuals, multiplied by 10 a family, assumed), nearing 1000 members, adding with geometric progression, 15 volunteers (similar numbers assisting part time), over 40 business model.  Allahmdollilah! Many thanks to Almighty Allah. Keep giving us strengths and energy. Momentum further building up:  Article in International magazine about GEAR, interviews in Talk shows and inclusion in Story package in renowned local TV channel, articles and interviews in local newspapers, invite in TiE……Big moments and momentum really building up leading to eventful 2013, Social Profits Shared and Expanded with The 6 Points 2013 Agenda of GEAR Management Team:

1-      One to 1 Million SelfEmployment Drive, mobilizing Masses to help Masses (by creating one SelfEmployment, Just ONE in the lifetime. What’s the big deal? But undoubtedly a Big, Big Revolutionary Impact. Come, Join the Drive.

2-      GEAR branded Cart project, a profitable business model, Shared profits with GEAR partners, Corporate funded generating revenue stream through advertising of products and brands of local and multinational companies, Positioning Narrowed down in meaning, content and focus. Moving towards Sustainable (Shariah compliant: Zero Interest Funding, Profit through Business).

3-      Transparency Project: SelfEmployment and SelfReliance impact created to the GEAR partner selected and funded by you will be posted and emailed with the monthly progress report. Keeping you connected and Involved. Feeling of Being into It!

4-      GEAR case study in international and local journals, Taking the authenticity to a new height and heading towards a new proposed journey of opening up Chapters in major cities of Pakistan and some international location.

5-      Expanding the base: More energy, more Drive: Opening chapters in renowned Business and Technology Schools including IBA, LUMs, IobM, Iqra, Szabist and others.

6-      GEAR partners Conference: A unique Conference of GEAR partners, sharing their SelfEmployment & SelfReliance success stories. You will all be invited Students, Professionals, Businessmen, Professors and Educators. Discussing and agreeing to Scaling up proposals and again Being into it and Getting into it.

DON’T WAIT, COME AND JOIN THE GEAR 2013 AGENDA (The SelfEmployment & The SelfReliance)