There is no rocket science, anyone with a little common sense and will can easily bring a poor family out of economic misery, here is a simple guide on how to do it…

1. Identify a poor honest fellow who wants to earn halal/legitimate earning for himself and family, use your own network to identify, referrals of peons, drivers, maids can help here; If you don’t know him personally, then verify his condition by visiting his home. Use of gut feeling is also important.

2. Discuss with him what he can do like a fruit cart, burger stall, french fries cart, or anything he can do. Check his confidence level and make sure he understands all aspects of setting up and running that business. If he isn’t confident then you will need to instruct him about supply chain of a particular business model. Or if he is unskilled then may getting him admitted into a vocational training center could be a good idea. Click here for a list of vocational training institutions in karachi

3. Selection of location is crucial, it should be where access to potential customers is easy and there are minimum overhead and indirect costs involved.

4. Raise necessary funds from your friends and family, which would range from Rs. 15000 – Rs. 30000 depending upon the business model. Take advice of GEAR here.

5. Once the funds are available and idea & location is decided, purchase the necessary items required like a cart, cabin, fryer, raw material etc. from wholesale markets. You can ask any road side stall of vegetable, french fries, burger etc. about where to purchase a cart, cabin, supplies etc. Mostly they are willing to help and guide. (GEAR can advice you here also)

6. Purchase and hand over the items and monitor progress. Prefer giving all this on interest free basis, and sign a contract with the guy for the installment. (Ask for GEAR’s format of agreement)

7. Monitor progress and make sure that the poor fellow doesn’t sell his business supplies and items to meet, for e.g, some medical emergency

8. It is a fact, also verified by various independent researches, that fear of punishment on the judgement day / Akhirah stops people from committing crime (moral or legal). Do dawah & remind him about his final destiny, if you constantly do so then he will most likely will not trick you and also will avoid getting involved in any illegal activities like consuming drugs etc.

If all of the above is done then it is quite likely that an improvement is brought into the life of the poor fellow. You can always ask GEAR for advice at any step.

Help us improve this guide, share your experience and lets togather help build a world free of economic injustice…

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