Our prime objective at GEAR is changing lives, providing practical means to a better quality of life and empowering people to livelihood and sustenance for the long term. The measurable effects and benefits to families and communities are immense.

We work by providing financial support to both skilled/unskilled individuals to kick start their lives as a means of self-survival with honor and dignity.

GEAR goes beyond just financial support and ensures every assistance, including hands on practical and technical support which helps to get people to start generating an income quickly and effectively. Individuals are encouraged and supported to manage their businesses from the start.

Individuals and their families are then well on their way to shaping their livelihood and future and with a sustainable business that can support others as well donating back to GEAR. This enables GEAR to continue to help others just like them.

GEAR works by providing two business models to fund Self Employment for underprivileged individuals:
1) Funding through Zakat
2) Funding through donations; which supports families who are unable to fund themselves and require a helping hand.