Success Stories

Rana Shaukat Ali

Mr. Rana had devoted 20-25 years of his life working from place to place unable to support his family with a stable job due to insufficient income. After GEAR intervention: GEAR funded Rana Shaukat to allow him to expand his business. From the trust funds Mr. Rana bought a sewing machine which helped him tailor

Home based achar business

Muddasir works on packaging business for achar deliveries. With the help of GEAR intervention he was able to get a loan from bank Al Falha and with our trust fundings he set up his business with an increment in profits and satisfied clients.

Mumkin and GEAR joint effort

Mumkin is a foundation to empower women entrepreneurs. Women who do not have the privilege to go out and find work, can work together in a safe and secure environment. GEAR Pakistan intervened to further enhance the skills of the trainees at Mumkin by conducting a session on Financial Support”. Mumkin and GEAR worked in

A small scale home industry

With the support of donations gear trust has funded this small scale home industry and enable a family to start up a business at home. This family resides here as well as runs the business from home. Some of the rooms have turned into workshop rooms where they work. GEAR has supported the idea of

Sewing Machines Distribution

Unemployment is a critically increasing concern in Pakistan. Due to various limitations the women are unable to go out and look for work with ease. Therefore GEAR has not only worked towards the challenge of defeating unemployment, but also encourages to empower women to work and earn through in-house schemes. GEAR team has distributed 12

Students Training at Airmen Golf Club

The students from Ibrahim Hyderi Single room schools are being trained at Airmen Golf Club, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. GEAR trust has discovered these talented youngsters and helped in educating them, as they will be the ones representing Pakistan worldwide. All of this has been possible due to the continuous support towards

GEAR Single Room School Launching

Pakistan’s prosperity is dependent on it’s youth. Pakistan has one of the most talented and competent youth, however this talent is undermined as over 32% of our youth is illiterate. Due to lack of income most families cannot afford educating their children. One such case was observed in the town ‘Ibrahim Hyderi’. GEAR has launched

Muhammad Shareef

Mr. Shareef is managing a small cabin selling confectionary in front of his residence. He saw a wider potential demand within his residential area and an expansion into groceries. He was unable to capitalize on this opportunity owing to limited cash. GEAR Intervention: Now he has expanded his cabin with groceries and he is able

Ronaq Afroz

Ms. Ronaq was working mirror work for a shop keeper and getting very minimum income. GEAR Intervention: Now she has started her own small sales setup by purchasing raw material and this has meant she is able to make her own sales directly.

Nasir Khan

Mr. Nasir is an expert in EAR/Nose Piercing. He was working in his close vicinity, usually carrying his tool bag with him. GEAR Intervention: Now he has expanded his working area and covers a larger area of operation on his bike. It has increased his daily income with convenience.