Niaz Wali

Niaz Wali is an expert cobbler (Peshawari Chapal). Along with his father he had been managing this business on credit. Due to shortage of capital/fund they were unable to purchase sufficient stock. This was resulting into continuous decline in their profits. Niaz is looking after a joint family of more than 10 members. This family business is the only source of income. He was in difficulty managing both education and health expense needs of his family.

GEAR Intervention: Now they are able to purchase raw material in bulk quantity which has helped them to grow their business through improved purchase power, better pricing and reduced transport costs, all resulting in increased profits.

Nasir Khan

Mr. Nasir is an expert in EAR/Nose Piercing. He was working in his close vicinity, usually carrying his tool bag with him.

GEAR Intervention: Now he has expanded his working area and covers a larger area of operation on his bike. It has increased his daily income with convenience.

Ronaq Afroz

Ms. Ronaq was working mirror work for a shop keeper and getting very minimum income.

GEAR Intervention: Now she has started her own small sales setup by purchasing raw material and this has meant she is able to make her own sales directly.

Muhammad Shareef

Mr. Shareef is managing a small cabin selling confectionary in front of his residence. He saw a wider potential demand within his residential area and an expansion into groceries. He was unable to capitalize on this opportunity owing to limited cash.

GEAR Intervention: Now he has expanded his cabin with groceries and he is able to keep a much larger stock. He is also planning to move from cabin to a shop in the near future.