Chairman’s Message

Mohammad Ekhlaque Ahmed


The GEAR mission has come a long way since 2009 with just four worthy recipients and it’s gratifying to see our collective effort have a deep penetrating and sustaining effect on so many lives of Karachi residents. In some ways this is also an indication of how much more we can do and achieve collectively. So many worthy recipients will be waiting for that needed hand to help them shape their livelihood and pathway to their own better future. 

GEAR’s business model goes to show the sustainability that is inherent in our efforts and cyclical beneficial effect that engenders. At every stage of our operations we are conscious that all donations and funds are fully utilized for the benefit of recipients so that there is no divergence for logistics, finance etc. We have this collective philosophy at GEAR and I am grateful to all my colleagues for being so generous with their time and money. I pray for their health and wellbeing knowing deep down that they will be rewarded for their efforts inshallah.

As our work continues to grow and our efforts getting increased exposure and acknowledgement, we must never forget what our mission is, who we are striving to help and the social impact we are creating. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues for their ongoing efforts and stress to everyone the tremendous reward and gratification that comes along with such efforts.

 I urge all of you who have seen our mission, read our literature and visited this website to donate generously to our cause and let your donations and efforts provide a means for helping so many underprivileged people in our society. I pray to Allah (SWT) to provide us continued strength, fortitude, effort and energy to keep working hard in this worthy cause.