GEAR Core Team

GEAR Core Team is comprised of all trustees and a monthly meeting is held at the corporate office of the Trust. Monthly progress is reviewed in the meeting and decision on policy matter and strategic issues are taken based on brainstorming and cross fertilization of ideas. President who looks after the Operations of the Trust presents details of operations and audited monthly accounts.

Operational Team GEAR has an operational team of 40 members stationed in various chapters of Karachi including Korangi, Landhi, Orangi, Mahmoodabad, Akhtar Colony, Kashmir Colony, Malir, Jalbani Goth, Baldia etc., Team is divided into five zones and is managed by five Operation Managers. Meeting and finding relevant candidates in their respective areas who are in need of Self Employment is the starting job of the team. They complete the formalities as per Standard Operating Procedure of the Trust and keep a good follow up of each family’s economic and social uplift status and condition and submit weekly/monthly reports on the progress. Reports submitted are also passed on to the donors to keep them fully involved wherever required.