GEAR Services Model

GEAR’s Service model refers to the aid that it provides to the beneficiaries. The aid is used to establish a business which helps them and over a period which enables them to fully finance themselves along with paying back the initial loan (for loan case only).

In order to make continuous progress towards our vision and mission, GEAR will implement the following short term and long-term objectives:

  • Identify ‘financially challenged’ section of people in the society (GEAR Partners) by referrals and with the efforts of 40 plus Field Officers & 5 Managers who are part time/full time associated with GEAR and are paid salary and allowances.
  • Develop a unique self-employment model matching the expertise and interest of each GEAR Partner.
  • Fund the self-employment model of the selected partner and also help in executing the same.
  • Monitor the results and operational mechanism of the model on a continuous basis in order to ensure that the model is generating acceptable revenue. Troubleshoot wherever needed.
  • Make sure that GEAR Partners are earning a Halal living and morally conscious enough to spend their earnings on Jaiz (legitimate) personal and family needs and abstain from spending the money on drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.
  • Collecting GEAR Partners’ contribution of profit to GEAR pool of funds (to the extent of initial amount funded only; no interest/profit is charged) in order to create the next round of self-employment for new partners, hence, the ‘Sadaqa-e-Jariah’ keeps on moving with every one benefitting here in this world and hereafter In Sha Allah.
  • Provide support to GEAR Partners in case of a contingency like medical emergencies in family or accidental destruction of business setup etc.