How GEAR Works

Work Process:

GEAR Team is performing with a sequence of activities as given below:

Identification of GEAR Partner:

The process starts with identifying and searching for the right individuals who will become GEAR Partners either for Loan or Zakat Fund as per their need and circumstances.

Loan/Zakat Appraisal:

Our Field Officer undertakes a detailed discussion into every aspect of applicant’s livelihood and existing or intended business for cash flow analysis.

Credential Verification:

All cases after initial appraisal are forwarded to the concerned Field Manager who will counter check the provided information and will recommend for final approval.


The President of the organization approves all disbursement cases both Loan and Zakat.

Confirmation of Fund Allocation:

After successful approval of cases, the concerned Field Officer conducts a meeting with the applicant and give him a “Certificate of GEAR Partner” in which the selected applicant is declared as an affiliated GEAR Partner for a specific time period. Following confirmation, the Field Officer will help GEAR Partner to spend the allocated amount for the purchase of business assets/stocks as per earlier discussion and understanding during appraisal process.

GEAR Team also creates awareness regarding GEAR activities in the community to encourage and motivate other members of the community for Self-Employment.

Repayment Collection & Business Overseeing:

GEAR Field Officer/Manager will keep a follow up with partners each month for possible help and support in execution of the self-employment. The Officer also collects monthly instalment or repayment from the GEAR partner. This ongoing process is the key element in our system and helps establish a close relationship and engagement with our beneficiaries to identify any obstacles/difficulties and offer further assistance if required.