GEAR Single Room School Launching

Project Description

Pakistan’s prosperity is dependent on it’s youth. Pakistan has one of the most talented and competent youth, however this talent is undermined as over 32% of our youth is illiterate. Due to lack of income most families cannot afford educating their children. One such case was observed in the town ‘Ibrahim Hyderi’.

GEAR has launched a ‘single room school’ scheme that allows 470 children to study up to the 2nd grade. A teacher, Nida Asif, who is a part of this organisation has talked about how there were no schools in the town before and after the awareness of the single room school program. As of today, 31 new students have enrolled in the program. GEAR TRUST has helped thousands of educational institutions to promote literacy in the country.

Airman golf club has organised vocational training for 6th graders so that along with education the children can learn new talent as well.

All this has been possible due to the funds provided to gear trust funds. Therefore donate to GEAR and play a vital role in helping to educating children.

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