GEAR Mission

Provide self-respect, dignity and financial support to people with limited options to change their lives.

What Exactly GEAR do?

GEAR is determined to create innovative models of ‘Social Business’ for underprivileged individuals in our society. We believe that by creating a sustainable financial resource coupled with a support system we will achieve a continuous flow of economic activity. GEAR empowers men and women from less affluent background with self -employment opportunities & provides them an interest free loan. Training & basic instruments are provided while maintaining a constant recovery rate for the ‘Social Cause’ to be sustainable

The GEAR Story

GEAR is a Welfare Trust in Pakistan, founded in 2009, with the core purpose of supporting and lifting socially deprived individuals to stand on their own feet through self-employment opportunities.

We started on a small scale in Korangi, Karachi by providing sewing machines to four ladies through an interest-free loan. This initiative helped them to start their independent tailoring businesses, earning about four to five thousand rupees a month.

They all managed to pay back PKR 1000 every month to GEAR, expanding our fund pool. The fund pool is used to support new partners to multiply self employment and number of beneficiaries.


GEAR ensures that funds provided by partners are fully utilized without making any additional charges for logistics, financial and allied services. It is a ‘social business’ organization essentially based on funds from those who can afford to those who are in need.

Through contributions from kind donors and repayments from beneficiaries, GEAR has Alhamdolillah been able to support over 5,000 families so far by creating self-sustaining income generating small businesses opportunities for them.

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NPO Status 2022-2023
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