Project Description

Abbasi needed a machine for his Balochi embroidery start-up which although was going well but needed a machine nevertheless.
Gear Intervention: We donated him PKR 30,000 from which he bought the well needed machine for PKR 35,000. This addition of this machine not only increased the shop’s business but also opened new doors of employment for a person to operate it. He even has attached the machine to a ups connection because of which his machine keeps on running despite power outages.

GEAR Partner | Balouchi Dress Setup

#GEAR Team delighted to find a very determent partner who goes to Hub Balochistan and acquires the order of Baouchi dresses to earn the money along with the supporting members who are indirectly getting a source of income. Alhamdulilah. Support GEAR to support your fellow beings.

Posted by GEAR TRUST on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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